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There is no point in having a perfect website, unless your website hosting is at a solid site. We have partnered with various key providers, in order to offer you a wide variety of solid choices when it comes to your website hosting:

  • We can host your website on either Windows (IIS) or Linux (Apache)
  • We can offer you a redundancy package at the same data center, with a solid Service Level Agreement guaranteeing the uptime of your site
  • We can offer you an even larger redundancy package, across multiple data centers in the US, with our geo-specific load balancing, offering a fast experience no matter where your visitors live
  • We can work with you on a solution for hosting your website at your location, giving you maximum control
  • We can even offer our expertise and guidance in purchasing and installing a custom-made web server appliance at either your location or a colocation facility of your choosing

We don’t play favorites on a solution when it comes to details like operating system or server technologies. From a static website to a fully customizable ColdFusion shopping cart solution, we have seen and done it all. Do you need a PHP site? Do you have a mySQL database? Perhaps an Access legacy database that you want to convert to SQL standards before it becomes web-accessible? All you will hear from us is “no problem”.

Obviously each solution has its benefits and its downsides. We will never simply add a line item on an invoice called “Web hosting” and call it a day. With Axios Consulting you can be certain that each detail of your technology solution, to include where your website(s) are housed, is meticulously designed and planned by us for your unique needs.

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