Sacramento Network Services and Support

Sacramento Server Administration

Server Setup, Server Support, Server Maintenance

The server that runs your business could be a simple machine that you purchased from one of the popular manufacturers, or a complex system that contains other pieces such as a NAS or SAN, SCSI cards, multiple SATA drives, etc.

There is no doubt that you server or servers are the centerpiece of your network. Axios Consulting’s experts will evaluate every single component of your server to ensure that it meets your needs and that there are no weak links slowing down your entire system. We will also perform monthly server support and server maintenance to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats. To eliminate downtime for your company, server administration services will be performed during off-hours.

All server administration and server maintenance services that we perform will be fully documented so that you have a folder of information about your server or servers. It is recommended that you keep this folder off-site with your backups to help with asset tracking and insurance claims.

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