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According to Smashing Magazine, twenty-eight percent of the United States population not only owns a smartphone, but also uses it as their primary method of surfing the Internet.  Given that there are over 311 million people in the United States, you’re looking at a daily average of 87 million people potentially using their smartphone to access your website.

Do you really want to take a chance that even one of those viewers can’t access your site because you haven’t set it up to be mobile-friendly?

Responsive Web Development Versus a Separate Mobile Web Development

Ok, so you now realize just how important it is for your business to implement a mobile web design.  That’s great! But you’re not done.  Now you must decide if your mobile website will be a responsive design or a completely separate mobile website.  This is a very hotly debated topic, and a very important one, as there are great distinctions between the two different options.

Axios Consulting’s Sacramento mobile web development experts have spent considerable time exploring the distinctions between responsive web development and the development of a separate mobile website.  Our consultants are fully prepared to help you navigate these waters and decide which option is best for your business.

Separate Mobile Web Development

A great example of a company that has decided to implement a completely separate mobile web design is Round Table Pizza.  Here is their desktop website, and here is their mobile website.

On their desktop website, Round Table Pizza offers a wealth of information about the company, current specials, locations, deals, employment, etc.   Their desktop website also offers their customers the capability of placing an order online.

Unfortunately, their mobile website is severely limited in its offerings.  The only options offered by the mobile website are to find a location near you or view their menu.  Absolutely no online ordering is offered to mobile users, unless they click the “Full Site”.  Even then, mobile online ordering is clunky at best, since the full site is designed solely for desktops.

Responsive Web Development

On the other hand, there is responsive web development.  For an example of a great responsive web design, visit Axios Consulting’s own website from either your desktop or your mobile device.  Regardless of what device you use to view our website, you will always see, and have access to, exactly the same content.  There is no “View Full Site” link, because one is simply not needed.  Everything that you can see on the desktop version you can see on your mobile device, only in a much more mobile-friendly way.

This does not mean, however, that certain things can’t still be hidden from your responsive web design, if need be.  For example, two things have been hidden from the Axios Consulting mobile website design: the slide-out “Request a Quote” form, and the graphic slider on the Home page.   The slide-out form was hidden simply because it was too large and cumbersome for mobile devices.  The Home page slider was hidden for the purposes of keeping the loading time for the mobile web design to a minimum.

In Conclusion

There is no right or wrong in regards to the decision between responsive web development and a separate mobile web development.  In the end, how you decide to develop your mobile website is between you and your web developer, and depends a lot on the nature of your business and the goals of your website.  Many techniques exist that allow web developers to create fully-featured, high-performing mobile websites, whether they are responsive or completely separate.

Axios Consulting’s responsive mobile web development experts in Sacramento will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to ensure that your mobile website development meets the needs of your business and your consumers.

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